Practical Guidance for Managing Screen Time
and Online Security for your Family

As a parent that has evaluated and used parental control and online security tools throughout my kids teens, I am now sharing the knowledge gained for free, in the hope that others can learn from my experiences and mistakes.

The video and documented guides cover Social Media, Gaming and Online Security on Mobile Devices, Desktops and Game Stations, and the content is updated and expanded on a regular basis.

A good starting point is to visit the Tips Section where you will be asked some simple questions to get you to the information that you need right now. However, you could just dive-in at the Learning Section but
be sure to start with the Learning the Basics module.

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to manage all of your kids exposure to the Internet. However, if you follow the guidance and remain vigilant on a daily basis then you will be in a position to intervene when it matters.

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I have had to rely on parental controls many times over a four year period and on a few of those occasions the situation would have been much more challenging if I were not able to so easily intervene.

Both my children have their mobile devices restricted during school times and time limits are in place for most of their online activities. In addition, one of my children isnt allowed some social media apps.


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