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  • Ensure that your family network is protected by a good multipurpose antivirus application
  • Take administrative control of every device that your child receives
  • Utilize a screen time management application on all devices
  • Explain to your child how parental controls will work and why they have been implemented
  • Keep your parental controls simple and easy to manage
  • Educate your children about using computers, email and the internet
  • Encourage your child to let you know if they become concerned about texts, emails or online activity
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  • When your child obtains a new device you must make them aware that you will always require access to their device, and that they will need to provide you with any password upon request
  • You will need to setup applications that enable you to limit screen time and disable the device, as-and-when necessary
  • Ensure that your child is always unable to access any parental devices or accounts
  • When blocking apps, you may also need to block the associated web address (URL) that could be used via a Web Browser
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  • Multi-purpose antivirus software should be installed on all devices within the family network because it can do a lot more for your money than you might expect, such as circumvent phishing attacks and filtering undesirable web content
  • To protect your mobile devices you need to visit Google Play or the App Store and install the Bitdefender Security app, which you can activate for no extra charge if you already have a Total Security or Family Pack  licence
  • Alerts and notifications are essential to understanding your child's online activity and for keeping your parental control working effectively
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  • It is necessary to use 3rd party apps to provide screen time controls on mobile devices from Android and Apple
  • Screen time apps must to be configured to meet your specific needs prior to use
  • Being able to stop your child from uninstalling your preferred parental control app is extremely important, and  you should keep this requirement in mind when creating your plan
  • Consider setting-up a spare mobile phone or ideally a tablet specifically for study purposes
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  • Install a good multipurpose antivirus application, such as Bitdefender
  • Keep Windows 10 up-to-date with automatic updates turned-on
  • Before you can start using the parental controls on Windows 10 you need to setup the Family Features
  • Once your child is a member of your family, you can setup the Screen Time and Content Restrictions settings
  • Apple Mac preferences allow you can manage, monitor and control the time your child spends on a Mac, the websites they visit and the people they chat with
  • Play Time management gives family managers the ability to set limits on when, and for how long each child can access the PS4 system
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  • Do not share device passwords with your children and discourage older children from sharing passwords with younger children
  • Do not allow your children to use your admin (parental) accounts on any device
  • Educate your children about using computers, email and the internet
  • On your PC & Mac, do not use the administrator account on a regular basis
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  • You need to decide what you want to achieve and then make a plan
  • You need to ensure that your children will not be able to bypass your best efforts to protect and supervise them
  • Take your time when setting-up and adapting your parental apps
  • Focus on minimizing cost and maintaining your parental controls
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